Xapo Bank / Xapo Card

A brand film encompassing full visual development for an innovative bank.

The great team at Xapo Bank approached us to create a brand film that involved full development of visual concepts to illustrate the brand's offering, which involves a brand new card that allows easy and streamlined transferrability between crypto and traditional currencies.


As the main bank's office is based in Gibraltar, the use of the rock and the natural environment was one of the key communication elements, combining the ideas of security and growth in a stylised fashion.

Another key element we developed for this film is an architectural piece resembling a building, and based on Xapo's logo shape. This element allowed us to create a geographical placement for our narrative whilst reinforcing the brand through the use of the logo in combination with the rocks.


To introduce the card, we created a full 3D environment based on the concept of a bunker made of rock and metal, thus associating the card and the brand with the idea of security.


Xapo Logo Animation

We went through an extensive research and development process to develop a master animation for the logo that would serve as the closing for this film, as well as a stand-alone element that can be used elsewhere in any branding applications.

Multi-Platform ready

We created several versions for the film, in multiple aspect ratios and durations, to allow the client's team to have total flexibility with their social media campaigns.


Product Designer: Spaska Kadiyska
VP Growth: Ignacio Aguirre
VP Marketing: Samantha Isola
Creative Director: Cristian Jofre

Creative Director: Fernando Lazzari
Director: Fernando Lazzari
Producer: Clara Saez
Design & Art Direction: Fernando Lazzari, Matias Vigliano
3D Artists: Fernando Lazzari, Sebastian Livingston, Suraj Laskar, Matias Vigilano
Motion Design: Norbits Pizzini
Editing: Clara Saez & Norbits Pizzini
Compositing: Norbits Pizzini
Music + Sound Design: Aimar Molero


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