Discovery "Street Magic"

A TV Ident for Discovery Channel based on the idea of street magic, playing with cards

Promax BDA Silver Award

We had the great pleasure to collaborate with Discovery's Creative Director Antonio Rojas on the design and production of this ident for Discovery Channel. The idea was to create a piece that makes reference to the cool street magic tricks typically performed by masters Dynamo and David Blaine. Inspired in the old legend of the Ace of Diamonds, we created a micro story that evokes the playfulness and mystery of the series.


The project required an important amount of planning and compositing of different elements that had to match in terms of lighting and composition

Some of the VFX involved a burning card, where the fire was created in Houdini from the underlying geometry of the cards, and later composed over the main shots


We shot several background plates on an Alexa mini camera, plus a number of 360 HDRIs on an SLR that we later used for lighting our 3D renders of the cards and logo.



Discovery Communications Latin America
Head of Creative Services: Antonio Rojas

Design / Direction / Lead Animation: F. Lazzari
3D artists: F. Lazzari, Ian Amaya, Agustín Schilling
Producer: Jules Powell
Director of Photography: Charlie Herranz
Camera Rental: Decode London
Sound Design: Smider
Production Assistant: Yara Caubet
Hand Model: Ivan Silic @ Hired Hands


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